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Shopify Experts – All in one & Affordable

I have been helping Shopify owners with Shopify Theme upgrade, JSON-LD schema markup, Facebook Microdata Tags, Shopify SEO, Custom Shopify template, Shopify Web Performance Optimization (page speed) and more. If you are looing for a Shopify Expert – contact me [email protected] Shopify Experts for Store Building I am going to list top shopping experts for … Read more

Shopify: Add preconnect dns-prefetch link tags to your store

This post will help add preconnect crossorigin and dns-prefetch link tags to your shopify store to speed up page load and improve core web vital score. Follow these steps or watch the video below. Login to your shopify admin area Click Online Store Click Edit Code from Actions Add the following code to your theme.liquid … Read more

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How to Install Shopify-CLI on Windows, Ubuntu and MacOS

This post will help download and install the latest version of ruby to install Shopify-cli 2.5.x gem on Windows 10. You can follow this instruction to install shopify cli on any windows OS as long as your windows OS support ruby 2.7 and above. This latest version of shopify-cli supports php, nodejs, and rails to … Read more