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How to Create Shopify App Theme Extension

This is a quick tutorial on how to create your very first Shopify theme extension app with Shopify-cli with nodejs and everything default configurations that are offered by the ShopifyDevs team through their git repos for starter apps. I assume that you have already installed Shopify-cli on your preferred development system. I am using Windows … Read more

Shopify Dawn Theme Customization

Shopify has released many versions of Shopify Dawn Theme that uses JSON to make most of the comman template dynamic, that enables the store owners customize Shopify store mostly on their own. Shopify Dawn Theme Version 2.0 Have a look at the very first Dawn OS 2.0 theme JSON template customizer. Shopify Dawn Theme Version … Read more

How to Fix Shopify 404 Page Not Found Error

If you started getting 404 page not found on your Shopify store for whataver reason, this could be due to many reasons but whatever the reason is – this post will help you fix Shopify 404 error on your ecommerce store. To fix Shopify 404 Login in to your Shopify store admin Click the Online … Read more

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Shopify Studio Theme – Install & Customize

Shopify just launched another online store 2.0 theme called ‘Studio’, which is based on Dawn theme. Shopify Studio theme is good artists and designers. I am quickly going to have a look at Shopify Studio theme and also use the Shopify online store 2.0 theme customizer to customize the Studio theme with default settings. Install … Read more