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How to Install Shopify CLI 3

To install Shopify CLI 3 on your operating system, you must have installed Nodejs 14.x above, and NPM, that is all you need to install and run Shopify cli 3 on your system.

There are three npm packages that you can install for Shopify theme cli, apps cli, and hydrogen cli. We are giong to install nodejs, npm, yarn and then shopify cli, theme cli, apps cli and hydrogen cli.

Install Nodejs 14.x ^

You must have nodejs 14.x ^ preinstalled to install shopiyf cli, if you have not installed nodejs then visit and download the most stable version of nodejs on your system.

nodejs 18.x
node -v

Install NPM, Yarn, PNPM, NPX

To install npm, npx, yarn, pnpm on your system, you can run the following commands with sudo if you are on linux like systems.

npm -v
npm i -g pnpm
npm i -g yarn
npm i -g npx

Install Shopify CLI 3.0 for Theme, App, Hydrogen

You must install shopify/cli base to install other theme, app, and hydrogen npm packages to use them for development.

npm i -g @shopify/cli
npm i -g @shopify/theme
npm i -g @shopify/app
npm i -g @shopify/cli-hydrogen

Login with Shopify CLI 3

shopify cli invalid target

To login to your devlopment store with Shopify cli 3, run the following command

shopify theme dev --store=storename


shopify cli invalid target — error

To fix this error, you must give it your store name for the first time only and whenever you have to switch to a new store.

Make sure you are in shopify theme root folder

shopify theme dev --store=storename