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Facebook Shop Data Feed – How to Auto Sync Shopify Products

If you are looking for a solution that lets you auto sync all Shopify products every time you add new products or update your existing products then I am here to help you with Facebook sales channel on Shopify.

To facilitate this functionality on your store and integrate with Meta Commerce – I’ll fix all the issues, connect your Shopify store to meta commerce and set up the auto sync for Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping too; if you have Instagram followers, 1000+ is required in some countries.

facebook microdata tags are missing

This is what a client wanted – we delivered..

We had to disconnect all data sources from our Facebook shop due to ongoing issues that we were unable to resolve via Facebook support. We would like our Facebook shop to be completely wiped and start again to ensure all data pulling in is up-to-date and accurate.

What we require for this job is as follows:

  • Our products on Shopify sync and update automatically to the Facebook shop
  • The product category on our Shopify “Samples” is not to sync onto Facebook shop as these are not for resale
  • It is important to us that everything related to the products (price, inventory, information) updates automatically in real-time as we do not want any manual work involved
  • All products organized by brand
  • Collections created for specific products/brands
  • Once the above tasks are completed and the Facebook shop is running automatically

We would like a complete guide/handover on how to continually run our Facebook shop effectively

We need this job completed as soon as possible so ideally looking for someone with exceptional experience in this area and available to start job immediately.

Please outline previous experience on Facebook Commerce.

Another client

I have a Shopify website for my jewelry brand. The website is connected to my Instagram page so that I should be able tag products and people can buy them through Instagram. It was working for awhile and suddenly it stopped. Haven’t been able to figure out what went wrong and cannot currently tag products on IG.

If you are facing similar issues or would like to auto sync Shopify products to Meta Commerce; you can contact me at my email..

facebook microdata tags are installed