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Microdata Tags for Shopify

This post will explain what are microdata meta tags for an ecommerce online store. These microdata tags are designed specifically for products, irrespective of CMS, but in this case I am going to refer to Shopify because it is the first choice at the moment for business these days.

Why Microdata Tags?

So, you must be wondering why Facebook needs you to write microdata tags for each product on your store. Well, the simple reason is to render and display product data on Facebook marketplace, Facebook Catalogs, Facebook shops, Instagram, and maybe later on WhatsApp.

How Do Microdata Tags Help Shopify?

Once microdata tags are installed on Shopify store correctly, your Shopify products will be synced to Facebook Shop, Facebook Catalogs, and Instagram automatically. From here you can promote your products on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The process is very simple, you know every Shopify theme generates microdata tags, but your store is unique, and every store has a number of SEO apps installed. And these generate microdata tags that don’t meet the Facebook guidelines and the microdata debug tool throws error and your Shopify products don’t get synced to Facebook and Instagram.

When to Install Microdata Tags

The only time to install Microdata tags, I think, is when you are planning to promote your products and services on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

If you are planning to advertise your online business on Facebook, Instagram and you need help installing microdata tags, you might find these services helpful.

Shopify Services

  1. I’ll Sync Shopify Products to Facebook Shop
  2. I’ll Add Product Schema to Shopify

What are microdata tags?

Microdata tags are open-graph meta tags for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Microdata tags let Facebook and Pinterest understand your articles and products. With the help of microdata tags, Facebook renders and displays content from your online store, website, and blog.