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How to Add Adsense to Shopify

This post will help you add and place Google adsense custom ad code to your shopify store.

If you are getting a lot of traffic but not converting then monetizing your store with adsense might be a good source of income.

I assume that your shopify store is already approved by Google adsense team and you have got your code added to your store.

If you have not added your adsense code to your store’s header template, simply follow this video and place your code and save the file.

And you are done.

Here is a step by step guide.

  1. Create a custom adsense ad code
  2. Copy the adsense ad code
  3. Login to your shopify admin
  4. Click customize Theme and then Edit Theme Code
  5. Look for header.liquid template
  6. Paste your adsense code within <head> your adsense code </head>
  7. Save the header.liquid file
  8. You are done.
Please adsense code to shopify store