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How to Customize Debut Theme in 2023

This post will demonstrate how I customize Debut theme in 2023 for my clients. Please note that if you are still using liquid templates in your Debut theme then you might not find feature to customize all the templates in your vintage Debut theme that I are shown here in the video below.

Before you proceed..

I have upgraded my vintage templates to Shopify OS 2.0 JSON template that lets me customize all the templates and add custom sections to all templates like product templates, page template, blog template, collection template, article template, 404 template and search template.

Customize Debut Product Template

Once your Debut liquid templates are upgraded to JSON templates; you can add custom sections and blocks to Debut product template, I have used custom private app to carry custom sections and blocks from one to another OS 2.0 theme.

To customize Debut product template

  1. Go Shopify Admin
  2. click customize button
  3. from the top drop-down menu select product default template
  4. now you can add custom sections/block to product template
  5. save & view

Watch me Customize Debut Theme