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How to Upload Products in Bulk To Shopify

Hello and welcome my name is amulya and in this post I’m going to show you how to add products in bulk to your shopify store. So let’s get started I assume that you already know how to add a single product using shopify user interface. So simply go ahead and log into shopify admin area to add one product and on the home page you will see it says add product and by pressing this button which says add another product you can add a product it’s very simple and user friendly interface.

This is how you add a single product but if you want to add more products, products in bulk then you’ll simply go ahead and press this products button on the left in your Shopify store admin dashboard area and here are few options add a single product this will take you to the previous page which lets you add one product at a time and then you have export and then import button; so export will export a csv file of the uploaded products, import will ask you to upload products through a csv template.

So there are two ways basically you can import/upload products in bulk; it depends on your store situation right now so if you don’t have any product uploaded to your shopify store I would suggest go ahead and upload at least two or three products manually and in most cases you already have few products uploaded to your shopify store now you want to do it in bulk.

So what if you have uploaded products go ahead and export the csv file and then update with the new products by deleting the old ones and then import the update csv file and I’m going to export and show you so go with this one which is for excel, numbers and spreadsheet programs this will let you open it with google sheet, number on mac and excel on wherever it is.

Go ahead and export the products and open it and then what you can do so that’s the first way.

So I already have this open in my excel this is the exported product from my shopify store here and you can see what i will do i will simply go ahead and delete the most of products here i’ll keep just a few and then accordingly i will go ahead and update this file with the new products that i want to add.

That’s the first way and i’ll save it i hope this makes sense to you this is very much custom to your store so this is the best way to do it.

Otherwise what you can do if you’re really savvy then you can simply go ahead and click on import here and download this sample csv template okay so go ahead and click on this import and then download this csv template and this will take you to this page where you can download this csv so you can see it says get a sample csv file go ahead and download it from here and this and open in excel so you can see this is how it looks now you can go ahead and accordingly update the rows herewith your products that you want to add in bulk the one thing i would suggest you do before you start creating this csv template for bulk update import to your shopify store you want to go ahead and upload images one by one like media to your shopify store for each product because in image source you will have to give to this template just one image.

Otherwise once you have imported so go ahead and to import your updated csv file you simply click on import choose a file so i’m going to choose this sample one template right so go ahead and select one and overwrite any current product that have the same handle but i don’t have anything like that go ahead and click on it and then this is the preview of your product go ahead and click import if you’re not happy cancel it and go ahead and update it import and we are currently importing your products in your store so this is how you add products in bulk let me go ahead and see if they have added anything looks like they have added few okay now tracked inventory not tracked okay so this is how you import products in bulk to your shopify store i’ll go to catalog let’s see it should be at the very last i guess yeah they have added few products you can see here these are few that they just had a white cotton shirt this was also added wooden fence wooden outdoors slats this was added this was added so this is how you can add products in bulk you can simply go ahead choose a file but make sure it’s already there and i’m going to just overwrite let’s see how it goes template overwrite replace file upload and continue go ahead and check you are importing a file into shopify okay this doesn’t look right right if this doesn’t look right you can change the order of column so you can see this is how you can change it you can have a look at every thing you can see there are a few options and you can change here if you’re not happy with something and then you can simply go ahead and save the column headings though i did not make any change and now this is how it looks go ahead and click on import products products importing and then you will see a success message product imported so this is how you import our or upload products in bulk to your shopify store hope this has given few ways to do things a little bit different way.