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How to Install Shopify-CLI on Windows, Ubuntu and MacOS

This post will help download and install the latest version of ruby to install Shopify-cli 2.5.x gem on Windows 10. You can follow this instruction to install shopify cli on any windows OS as long as your windows OS support ruby 2.7 and above.

This latest version of shopify-cli supports php, nodejs, and rails to create shopify apps and also shopify themes and at the same time your generate dummy data for your store with this version of shopify cli.

Before Installing Shopify-cli

before installing shopify cli

You must have installed NodeJS, yarn, git, Ruby 2.7+ and familiarity with terminal or command prompt.

Check versions of Ruby, git, nodejs and yarn on your system first.

ruby -v

node -v

yarn -v

git –version

Install shopify-cli on Windows

shopify cli version

To install shopify-cli on Windows 10 or 11, you must have pre-installed ruby 2.7+, git and good to have nodejs, npm, and yarn pre installed too.

I assume that you have installed all the pre-requisites. Now, to install shopify-cli, launch your CMD and run the following command.

gem install shopify-cli

Here is list of commands available with shopify-cli at of JAN-2022

shopify help

Use shopify help <command> to display detailed information about a specific command.

Usage: shopify help

shopify app

app: Suite of commands for developing apps. See shopify app <command> --help for usage of each command.

Usage: shopify app [ connect | create | deploy | open | serve | tunnel ]

shopify extension

extension: Suite of commands for developing app extensions. See shopify extension <command> --help for usage of each command.

Usage: shopify extension [ check | connect | create | push | register | serve | tunnel ]

shopify login

login: Log in to the Shopify CLI by authenticating with a store or partner organization

Usage: shopify login [--store=STORE]

shopify logout

logout: Log out of an authenticated partner organization and store, or clear invalid credentials

Usage: shopify logout

shopify populate

populate: Populate a Shopify store with example customers, orders, or products.

Usage: shopify populate [ customers | draftorders | products ]

shopify reporting

reporting: Turns anonymous reporting on or off.

Usage: shopify reporting on

shopify store

store: Display current store.

Usage: shopify store

shopify switch

switch: Switch between development stores in your partner organization

Usage: shopify switch [--store=STORE]

shopify theme

theme: Suite of commands for developing Shopify themes. See shopify theme <command> --help for usage of each command.

Usage: shopify theme [ check | delete | init | language-server | package | publish | pull | push | serve ]

shopify version

version: Prints version number.

Usage: shopify version

shopify whoami

whoami: Identifies which partner organization or store you are currently logged into.

Usage: shopify whoami

Install shopify-cli on Ubuntu

To install shopify-cli on linux distros that support apt, run the following commands.

sudo apt install ruby
sudo apt install shopify-cli

Install shopify-cli on MacOS

To install shopify-cli on MacOS, run the following commands.

Make sure you have pre-installed brew, if not install brew with command below

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Now, you can install shopify-cli with brew with following command

brew install shopify-cli

Install shopify-cli on Windows Video