Shopify Dawn Theme Customization

Shopify has released many versions of Shopify Dawn Theme that uses JSON to make most of the comman template dynamic, that enables the store owners customize Shopify store mostly on their own.

Shopify Dawn Theme Version 2.0

Have a look at the very first Dawn OS 2.0 theme JSON template customizer.

Shopify Dawn Theme Version 3.0

Shopify just released Shoify Dawn theme version 3.0.0 that you can find from Shoify github releases page. Shopify also released other Shopify themes based on Dawn theme – Sense, Taste, Craft, Studio, and Crave, these themes also based on Dawn theme.

Shopify Dawn Theme Versoin 4.0

Shopify Dawn Theme version 4.0.0 was just released after releasing five OS 2.0 themes based on Dawn theme.

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