Shopify SEO Expert


Looking for a Shopify Expert? This gig is for you.

I have helped many Shopify store owners from around the world.

I have optimized Shopify on-page SEO, written Google JSON-LD schema markup and Facebook Microdata tags.

Optimized Shopify store for faster page load by removing junk code added apps and also upgrading vintage Shopify theme to OS 2.0 JSON template.

  1. Product Meta Title Optimization
  2. Product Description optimization
  3. Meta Description
  4. Meta Keywords
  5. Product JSON-LD Schema
  6. Microdata Tags for Products
  7. Sales Channel Product Syncing

For more and custom requirement – [email protected]

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Shopify On-Page SEO

If you are looking for a Shopify SEO expert for Shopify On-page eCommerce optimization, you can contact me for a free audit.

I have been offering eCommerce and CMS SEO services for last 5 years, I have worked with WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify eCommerce platforms.

Shopify Technical SEO

If your Shopify store needs to be upgrade to Shopify online store 2.0 or you would like to fix technical issues like

  1. 404 pages
  2. slow page load
  3. remove junk bad code
  4. poor mobile experience
  5. microdata tags
  6. sales channel integration and product syncing

Shopify Theme Upgrade

I also helped many Shopify owners with theme upgrade, from old vintage Shopify theme to Shopify online store 2.0 JSON template without losing the current look and feel of the store.

If you have not heard about Shopify online store 2.0, it’s the latest Shoipfy theme architechture that more secure and faster than the old/vintage Shopify theme.

Shopify Page Load Optimizatoin

If your store is taking long to load and your conversion is decresing due to slow page load then I can offer a free web performance audit and let you know what needs to be fixed in to order to speed up shopify page load to increase sales and conversion.

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