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How to set up Shopify store on Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping and also sync products automatically

With Shopify Store we can reach millions of customers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and surprisingly it doesn’t require you to be a developer, once you have set up your Shopify store with Facebook shop and Instagram; everything automatically syncs across the channels. 

As you can see  more and more people are launching their online stores these days, and 90% new businesses are launching their online stores with Shopify because it gives you a lot of tools that other platforms don’t offer; simply put – Shopify lets you publish once, and it shares your products across many social media platforms, and it is getting better day by day for all and anybody who wants to star his/her online presence can get up and running in just few hours.

So this is how it works; go ahead and sign up for Facebook and Instagram as a business then from your Shopify store admin area, enable the Facebook shop channel and follow the instructions.

Your shopify, facebook and instagram setup is almost complete.

Please follow steps listed below to complete the Shopify & Instagram setup.

1. Convert your Instagram account into a business account.
2. Login to Shopify admin area
3. Click the “Facebook” tab on the left
4. Click “Continue Setup” under Instagram Shopping

Everything should automatically sync, if you get any other error; please let me know.

Upload Products to Facebook Shop Manually

To upload products manually to Facebook shop, you need excel or CSV template that you can download from Facebook product upload page and update your products fields columns to upload products in bulk to your Facebook shop page.

Products/Items uploaded in bulk to Facebook shop
Products/Items uploaded in bulk to Facebook shop

Shopify Sales Channels

Facebook & Instagram Sales Channels

Add Shopify products to Facebook shop and Instagram

Google Shopping

add shopify products to google shopping
Add Shopify Products to Google Shopping

Shopify Buy Button

sell shopify products on sites and blog
Sell Shopify products on your sites and blog with Buy Button